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BrightGIS: Putting Your Organization On The Map

Austin, Texas based BrightGIS is an industry leading provider of interactive map-based marketing solutions. Delivering a level of interactivity not available within traditional web sites, BrightGIS produces immersive map environments that can be either embedded directly into existing customer websites or viewed within stand alone applications like Google Earth.

With solutions for industries ranging from commercial and residential real estate, to the travel & leisure industry, to the golf industry, to political advertising, and beyond, BrightGIS develops custom mapping solutions that help our customers gain a competitive edge.

About BrightGIS

BrightGIS is at the cutting edge of the map-marketing industry. We are both the first company to sell advertising space on 3D billboards within Google Earth and the first company to develop immersive interactive political advertisements within Google Earth and Google Maps.

BrightGIS' founding members consist of a dynamic international group of experienced technology and business executives who have held leadership roles at companies in the high tech, retail, and real estate industries.

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