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McCain: Dedicated Service Geobiography

BrightGIS is pleased to present our geobiography of the early life and military career of Sen. John McCain. This is the first political promotion of its kind ever produced for Google Earth and Google Maps. The purpose of this file is to provide an interactive medium through which users can better understand many of the places and events associated with Sen. McCain's early life, and to showcase several of the techniques we employ to build cutting-edge promotions for our clients.

Loaded with detailed descriptions, images, maps, 3D models, animations, streaming video and much more, this promotion utilizes the latest cutting-edge map making technology to bring Sen. McCain's story to life.

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Note: This biography contains numerous dynamic links to outside content. Once the file has loaded, please wait a few moments for the remaining content to download completely.

Click Below For Google Earth Version:

McCain: Dedicated Service Geobiography (17K)
Features: 3D Models, Animations, Flight Simulator, Video, Images, Text
Requirements: Google Earth version 4.3 or later. Download here
Notes: Best viewed in PC version of Google Earth

Click Below For Google Maps Version:

McCain: Dedicated Service Geobiography
Features: Video, Images, Text
Requirements: None
Notes: Use the menu on the left side of the map window to navigate

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